How to Create a Roulette Wheel in Adobe Illustrator

Gambling illustrations are very popular. All over the internet you can see dices, poker chips, roulettes, coins, playing cards and other similar elements for gambling advertising. Well, today we will be learning how to create a nice vector illustration of the roulette wheel. Creation process is actually very simple. All we have to do is to use few basic Adobe Illustrator Tools and some nice colors and gradients in order to create an eye catchy illustration.

How to Create a Seamless Wallpaper in Adobe Illustrator

Today we will have the opportunity to learn how to create a seamless wallpaper in Adobe Illustrator. Seamless wallpaper illustration is one of the most popular things in the graphic design world. There are numerous ways you can use those illustrations; such as actual wallpapers for your walls or for printing different kinds of fabric (imagine a nice dress with a romantic print).

Just look around; bags, dresses, skirts, damask wallpaper in the living room, carrier for your cat, fabric for your sofa or curtains, …etc. For creating something like this all you need is a creative imagination and a knowledge of the techniques we are going to reveal in this tutorial. Just stay tuned.